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Read what people are saying about our little friend Oswald and his journey Inside A Rainbow - you will see that this beautiful book will become one of those precious memories that your favourite young person will recall for their entire lives........

​“Oswald Inside a Rainbow” is a fantastic story about a curious little duckling who loves to explore his living environment and speaks to the reader by asking questions and wants to motivate readers to answer the questions.
Oswald's main message is peace and love via friendship and respect and love for nature also he tells us it's o.k. to be different in the nature (“society”) by respecting others regardless of their colour or race or background.
With reading the book with our children and promoting the love for nature and love for our friends, we could encourage the care for the nature and its survival also try to eliminate hate and support respect and co-existence with others.
Kids are surrounded with cable TV, Computer games, YouTube, and etc...  it is very important to motivate them with reading and exploring the nature. During nature exploration similar to Oswald by encouraging them to ask question about surroundings and enlightenment  of care for the nature as well as other living species with different characteristics and different from us, promote love and care for nature and environment.
I loved the book and highly recommend everybody to read it.
Behzad Safati - Blink Optical
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