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Oswald the duckling Inside A Rainbow
by Deborah Herriot-Howes
with illustrations by
Georgi Danevski

"Oswald Inside a Rainbow charms the heart and rouses the true love we have for life, the natural world and each other. Like the winged messenger from the ancient days of yore, Oswald offers so much of what the world needs now – an awakening to the beauty of life all around us."

Shelley Richardson, M. Ed.

Editor and Publisher, Eddy Press

Time to get ready for the arrival of Oswald the duckling.  Children will fall in love with this fuzzy, curious little bundle of love.   

Markham Thrives 

Oswald describes what it’s like to be “inside a rainbow” in the most beautiful, life loving and fear free way.

Healthy Living Magazine

Stories with heart and soul. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Debbie's characters.

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